Targeted Education Strategies for Pro-Poor Community Development

Cambodia : Kandal, Phnom Penh, Prey Veng and Kep provinces



  • A section of society in Cambodia is still segregated from access to quality education.

  • The pre-primary enrolment rate in 2007 was 11% while there are an increasing number of children entering primary school with no early childhood education.

  • 30-50% of 18-50 year olds in communities are illiterate or semi-literate.

  • A lack of technical capacities of local authorities.

  • Strategic Planning and an Education Sector Support Program on the policy of decentralization and de-concentration.


AEAI’s Response

Rectangle strategies: Improved ACCESS; Promoted QUALITY, Strengthen SYSTEM and INFLUENCE for policy and behaviour change.


Global Objective

To reduce the cost and improve the quality of education for marginalized children.


Main Activities

Axis 1: Strengthen capacity, performance and accountability of 10 commune councils in designing and managing an Education Development Plan

Axis 2: Implementing tailored educational services based on each communities needs and constraints:

  • Reinforcement of adult literacy and reading for all for 3,470 illiterate adults;

  • Parenting education;

  • Early Childhood education (community-based pre-school) for 300 Children from 3-5 years old;

  • Cultural and social awareness-raising about Gender mainstreaming and health, safety and protection of children;

  • After-school support for children with difficulties;

  • Re- entry, tutoring and IE programs for 450 drop-out children, 2,000 slow learners, at least 400 children with disabilities ;

  • Development of youth volunteerism.



Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports; Provincial Council of each province.



Samphors Vorn, Country Program Director

Location /
Duration / 2011-2019

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