Reintegrating Street Children and Youth into Society

Lao PDR : Vientiane Capital.



Many children have left home to Vientiane City for begging and to become vagrants, and they risk becoming victims of all kinds of trafficking and being excluded from an educational and family environment.


AEAI’s Response

Interlinked programs-comprehensive services to improve marginalized children lives.


Global Objective

To reduce the number of children and youth having to work or live on the streets of Vientiane.


Main Activities

  • Organize and train a team of professional social workers in order to implement a programme for 900 Laotian street children.

  • Organize streets activities for children living/ working in the street.

  • Open a center responding clearly to the needs and desires expressed by children.

  • Implement a reintegration project working with network in provinces.

  • Implement prevention project aiming to reduce the number of children in the streets.

  • Develop partnership activities and influence.



Friend International or Pheuan Mit.



Vithanya Noonan, Country Programme Coordinator

Location /
Duration / 2004-2019

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