Integrated Community Partnership for Improved Child Development and School Readiness Program

Cambodia : Prey Veng, Kep, Kandal and Takeo



  • A number of issues regarding healthcare for young children: malnutrition, aborted development, breast-feeding, introduction of complementary food, etc.

  • Parents lack of understanding of the early years and their roles in the children’s development process.

  • Lack of quality support, teaching and learning materials, teacher trainings and infrastructure to facilitate the transition period to primary school.

  • Unequal access to public preschool services.


AEAI’s Response

Rectangle strategies: Improved ACCESS; Promoted QUALITY, Strengthen SYSTEM and INFLUENCE for policy and behavior change.


Global Objective

To expand early childhood education services for children aged from 0 to under 6 years old, with priority given to community and home-based pre-schools, to improve the quality and provide more equitable access to ECCE services.


Main Activities

  • Increase the enrolment of 3,080 children from 3 to 5 years old to improve school readiness for primary school.

  • Improve the learning environment through enhanced teaching quality, learning materials and infrastructure.

  • Raise awareness to 700 parents and caregivers about ECCE, development and parenting roles.

  • Technical support and training to 1,540 preschool teachers and school directors to create sustainable quality and child-friendly learning environments.

  • Improve the quality of life: basic health care and hygiene for 21,200 community members.

  • Promote local ownership and involvement of the community.
  • Expand community child development and care programs, by conducting community activities, which build the skills, knowledge and promote positive behaviours of parenting/care-giving.

  • Awareness to government officials’ local authorities and community on the importance of education and other social and environmental issues (gender, human rights, disease, deforestation, domestic violence).



Ministry of Education Youth and Sport and Commune Council.



Samphors Vorn, Country Program Director

Location /
Duration / 2012-2019

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