Improving Child Education Quality and Development for Ethnic Minority Children in Hoa Binh Province

Vietnam: Hoa Binh province, Da Bac district, Doan Ket, Vay Nua and Tien Phong communes



–  Inadequate teachers’ capability/ Language barrier for Dao children group
–  Parents lack of knowledge/skills on child care and education
–  Poor condition of pre-school infrastructure and facilities/ Poor hygienic condition
–  High prevalence of malnutrition among children below 6 years old (18% underweight, and 23.8% stunting)
– Livelihood: very high poverty rate at 33.96%; livelihood based mainly on maize culture, livestock raising and aquaculture with low productivity, and facing a number of difficulties such as shortage of farm land, water, production technique and capital, lack of market for their products, etc. Such difficulties of livelihood makes a vicious cycle of poverty, people do not know how to escape from poverty, improve living conditions and enhance the quality of care and educate children.


AEAI’s Response

Tri-partnership model: school/family/community based approached in ECCE


Global Objective

Improve child development and the quality of education for children from 3-8 years old


Main Activities


  – Improve learning environment of 1,247 children from 0-8 years old, through infrastructure renovation/equipment and extra-courses/activities to improve children learning abilities/performance and enhance capacity for 96 preschool teachers/educational managers through training on child care, child health and nutrition, active learning/teaching.


  – Improve the nutritional status of children through improving knowledge/skill for 1,344 parents, community members and 44 local authorities on child care and education and improving families’ livelihood.


  – Change of community and local authority in practice and policy in improvement for educating and caring ethnic minority children.



Da Bac district People Committee



Nguyen Thi Tu, Country Program Director 

Location /
Duration / 2015-2020

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