Developing Livelihoods for Vulnerable Women in Rural China

China : Sichuan province



  • Huge number of rural labor force migrating to the city for work due to rapid economic development and urbanization.

  • 47 million rural women left alone to manage the household and take care of the elderly and children, and work on the farm. They are undereducated and left behind with few opportunities to improve their lives.


AEAI’s Response

Empowering woman through a holistic approach


Global Objective

To provide rural women with the education, skills, tools and know-how to live their lives productively through The Homemakers Learning Center.


Main Activities

  • Establishing and equipping The Homemakers Learning Center.

  • Selecting and training seed women as local trainers, and 10 experts with specific backgrounds are involved in the training.

  • Training for 300 rural women with vocational skills matching with local industry development (i.e. literacy, livelihood and entrepreneurship courses).

  • Training of 30 rural women to become local social workers
  • Establishing local mutual-support groups and an education development network.

  • Organizing community activities for 10,000 local community members focusing on rural women development.

  • Conducting action research and developing teaching materials for advocacy.



Beijing Culture Development Center for Rural Women(CDCFR), Qingshen Rural Women Children Cooperation Development Promotion, Association(RWC), Women’s Federations at different levels, Research and Training Center of Literacy Education, Southwest University (RTCLE), Jiaguan County People’s Government, Qionglai City.



Mandy Li, Country Program Director

Location /
Duration / 2008-2019

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