An Integrated Approach from the Cambodian Consortium for Out of School Children

Cambodia : nationwide (25 provinces)



  • Cambodia’s continuous educational challenges have been reproduced over generations, with rural poor families strongly marginalized from education. The consequences of low education levels of parents are reflected in the high repetition and dropout of children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. 

  • The failure to address inequality, stigmatization and discrimination based on wealth, gender, ethnicity, language, location and disability, is holding back progress towards Education for All.

  • Currently, around 220,000 primary aged children are out-of-school.


AEAI’s Response

Rectangle strategies: Improved ACCESS; Promoted QUALITY, Strengthen SYSTEM and INFLUENCE for policy and behaviour change.


Global Objective

Contribute to a comprehensive Cambodian inclusive education system that caters for every child including children with disabilities, indigenous, girls, poor, remote, and over-age.


Main Activities

  • Trainers conduct teacher training for 3,010 teachers focused on child centred approaches (inclusive Education, re-entry, genders, child learning center and other teacher pedagogy skills).

  • Develop/improve outdoor facilities/infrastructure/Renovating classrooms and cultural rooms/school libraries and library system.

  • Enrollment of at least 45,000 OOSC in formal or non-formal education system of which 50% are girls.

  • Retain in school 45,569 children through a full cycle.

  • Focus group on the topic (ii) Social workers dialogue with 13,390 parents.

  • Implement tutoring for students with learning difficulties /implementing tutoring for repeaters/Re-entry program implementation.

  • Provide the necessary support to enable CWD, Girl, underprivileged student, minority Children to access school (transport, infrastructure, etc.).

  • Provide safe and friendly school environment for children and community.

  • Setting up bilingual classrooms (Khmer and local language).

  • Improved school service provisions and developed the capacities of the Department of Education at all levels.



Social Development Action, CARE International,  Disability Development Services Program, Epic Arts, Friends International, Goutte d’Eau/DamnokToek, KAPE, Komar Pikar Foundation, Mith Samlanh, NGO Education Partnership, Non-Timber Forest Products, Pour un Sourire d’Enfant, Plan, Rabbit School Organization and Save the Children



Samphors Vorn, Country Program Director

Location /
Duration / 2011-2019

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