Aid and Care Children Center

China : Sichuan province, Guangxi Zhuang Minority Autonomy State


Problem Statement

Children in vulnerable mountain communities have no chances to go to kindergarten due to lack of resources investment to preschool education

Children from vulnerable communities in cities are week at recognition, emotion and social development due to their economic and social difficulties, lack of attention to children education, especially early education, by parents.


AEAI’s response

Early childhood open community schools


Target Groups (Each year)

550 preschool children, 4 village kindergartens and 2 children friendly community center, 720 parents, 100 local teachers, 25 volunteers, 5 experts, 4 community social workers.


Global Objective

To promote the accessibility and quality of preschool education in vulnerable communities, and to improve communities’ notion and ability on ECCE.


Main Activities

  • Set up community-based ECCE model through construction and equipment community-based child-friendly centers, recruiting and training teachers/professional volunteers, designing specific group activities courses for children and parents, training for parents, stakeholder capacity building on ECCE.

  • Conduct action research with academic institutions to summarize community-based ECCE model.


Expected Outcomes

  • 550 preschool children in vulnerable communities will get access to qualified ECCE;

  • 4 village kindergartens and 2 children centers constructed and equipped;

  • 46 selected poorest children finish their 3-years’ kindergarten education with subsidy;

  • 100 local teachers trained with scientific ECCE knowledge and pedagogy;

  • 25 specific volunteers recruited and trained, serving parents and kids in vulnerable communities;

  • 720 parents’ ECCE knowledge and skills enhanced.

  • 34000 community members’ awareness on ECCE raised up.

  • 2 social workers trained and grown up to become center operators.

  • 1 community ECCE model combined with kindergarten/children centers + qualified ECCE course+ stakeholders’ capacity building’ formed.



193 118 euros



China Charities Aid Foundation For Children, Chengdu

Jinjiang Social Organization Development Foundation,

Chengdu Civil Bureau, Shanghai United Foundation



Xuemei ZHANG, Country Representative

Location /
Duration / 2012-2019

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