Our staff

  • Anh-Thu NGUYEN

    Laos - Senior Officer of Program Development, Monitoring & Reporting
    Start Date: May 2019

    Anh-Thu NGUYEN

    Anh-Thu holds a Master’s degree in Political Economy of Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, and Bachelor’s degrees in both Political Science and Economics from the University of Florida, USA. She has several years’ experience working in international development in Southeast Asia. Anh-Thu joined Aide et Action Laos in 2019 as Senior Officer of Program Development, Monitoring & Reporting. In this role, she supports Aide et Action’s work in proposal development, program design, data management and reporting.


    Laos - ICT Officer
    Start Date: Apr 2019


    Souliya holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the Faculty of Natural Science at Lao University. Before joining Aide et Action Laos, he completed an internship with the Lao Telecom Company Ltd. and worked as a freelance developer of smartphone applications. He also volunteered with Aide et Action for several months before joining the team as ICT officer.

  • Huong TONG

    Vietnam - Project Manager Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE)
    Start Date: Jan 2019

    Huong TONG

    Huong holds a Master of Public Management from the Vietnam – Belgium program. She has more than 13 years experience as Project Officer in Early Childhood Development and Primary School Education with Save the Children. Before joining Aide et Action Vietnam, she was the PrincipaI at a private pre-primary school for 3 years. Huong is our Project Manager for our Early Childhood Care & Education Project in Lai Chau. 

  • Sokunthea POK

    Regional Finance & HR Associate
    Start Date: Dec 2018

    Sokunthea POK

    Sokunthea holds a Master degree in General Management from the Royal University of Law and Economics. She has more than 10 years’ experience with NGOs in Cambodia in a variety of sectors including HIV/Aids, Natural Resources and Education.

  • Thuy LUONG

    Vietnam - Project Manager Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE)
    Start Date: Dec 2018

    Thuy LUONG

    Thuy comes to Aide et Action Vietnam with more than 10 years’ work experience in the education sector, including at the governmental Teacher Training College and with various international NGOs, namely Save the Children International and Room to Read. She holds a Master of Educational Leadership and Management from La Trobe University in Australia.

  • Leesou Bouapao

    Laos - Field Coordinator
    Start Date: Nov 2018

    Leesou Bouapao

    Leesou has graduated from the Faculty of Social Work at Lao University. Before joining Aide et Action Laos, he has worked with Health Poverty Action and ChildFund, and also was an intern with Aide et Action Laos 3 years before joining us again. His past roles include Project Officer – Ready for Life (Nutrition), Assistant with the Sexual Reproductive Health Project, and Communication Intern. Leesou has a Hmong background and lots of enthusiasm for development work. As Field Coordinator with Aide et Action Laos, he supports our projects in Feuang District, coordinating activities in 5 districts of Vientiane Province.

  • Ruvini Wanigaratne

    Regional Program Manager
    Start Date: Sep 2018

    Ruvini Wanigaratne

    Prior to joining Aide et Action’s Southeast Asia & China team, Ruvini was based in London, working with the humanitarian team at Save the Children UK in operations and grant management. In her current role as Regional Program Manager, Ruvini supports the country offices in the region with proposal development, program design, knowledge management and learning.

  • Linda Khammavong

    Laos - Assistant Program Coordinator
    Start Date: Sep 2018

    Linda Khammavong

    Linda graduated from the Faculty of Environment Sciences at the National University of Laos (2018). During her studies she was an active member of the student volunteer group SEED (Social Environmental Education and Development) where she was in charge of the planning and gained valuable experience in planning, creating and organizing activities.  She was also a volunteer with RDA (Rural Development Agency) for a year, a time during which she learned to design activities and raise awareness about Nutrition and the Environment for primary school students. Upon graduating, she joined Aide et Action Laos in September 2018 as Assistant Program Coordinator in the field.

  • Vera Ushurova

    Cambodia - Project Officer
    Start Date: Apr 2018

    Vera Ushurova

    Vera has a degree in Contemporary History and over 7 years of experience in teaching, curriculum development and translation.

    Prior to joining Aide et Action, she worked as a Teacher and Community Development Assistant with  iLEAD Social Enterprise.  She has also worked as a freelance tutor and translator in Russia and Uzbekistan, and as a teacher of English, History and Arts in Thailand.  

    As a researcher with a degree in History and a Certified language and history  teacher, Vera  is very enthusiastic about the opportunity to apply her skills to improving the chances for disadvantaged and marginalized children to have access to education and thus improving their quality of life.

  • Diep Dao

    Vietnam - Senior Finance and Admin Officer
    Start Date: Nov 2017

    Diep Dao

    Diep is the Senior Finance & Admin Officer with Aide et Action Vietnam. With 10 years’ experience in accounting and office management, she manages the finances and administration for our Vietnam office.  Prior to joining Aide et Action, Diep worked for Thang Long Cement JSC (1.5 years) and Habitat for Humanity International (8.5 years).

  • Rady Ros

    Cambodia - Database and M&E Assistant
    Start Date: Jun 2017

    Rady Ros

    Rady joined the Aide et Action Cambodia team in June 2017 . He is responsible for ensuring the consistency and accuracy of our database.  He enters and updates data in our online tracking system, verifies data from the field and implementing partners, and provides the requested data outputs for program reporting. He also works as our Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant.

    Rady holds a Bachelor degree of Arts in Sociology from the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP).

  • Barisoth Sakarung

    Cambodia - Finance & Admin Assistant
    Start Date: Nov 2016

    Barisoth Sakarung

    Sakarung joined Aide et Action Cambodia in November 2016, initially as a volunteer with our finance department. In January 2018, he was promoted to the role of  Finance & Admin Assistant.

  • Mao Phen

    Cambodia - Provincial Program Officer
    Start Date: Dec 2017

    Mao Phen

    Mao holds a Bachelor degree of General Management from the Build Bright University of Cambodia (2013). He has more than 5 years’ work experience in the field of social development, in particular in the  education and advocacy sector. In 2015, he worked as a Community Development Facilitator with Good Neighbors Cambodia focusing on improving the quality of teaching and learning during basic education with the ultimate goal of increasing completion and transaction rates in basic education. In 2017, he joined Aide et Action Cambodia in the role of Provincial Program Officer promoting education for ethnic minority children, with a focus on improving reading habits and multilingual language education.

  • Richard D. Noonan

    Education Advisor for the Region
    Start Date: Jun 2018

    Richard D. Noonan

    Richard Noonan is a retired education economist.  He pursued doctoral studies in comparative education and economics of education at Columbia University and Stockholm University, where he conducted research and taught research methodology before entering an international consulting career.  His specialist interests are education statistics, education system evaluation, and history of education.  He has served in more than 30 countries around the world, working mainly with ministries of education and sometimes with ministries of labor.  A Swedish citizen, he has settled in Vientiane since 2002.  His publications and working papers can be found at http://tc.academia.edu/RichardNoonan.

  • Vithanya Noonan

    Laos - Country Director
    Start Date: May 2018

    Vithanya Noonan

    Vithanya has broad experience in project and program work: design (budgeting and financing), collaboration, implementation, management, supervision and fundraising. She has a deep  understanding and practical knowledge of gender, inclusion, participation, child rights and sustainable development.

    Prior to joining Aide et Action, Vithanya has worked in the education sector with different agencies, government entities and development partners for more than 20 years, including WB, ADB, JICA, EU, Australian Aid, Plan, World Vision, Children Fund, etc.

    Vithanya also holds a master’s degree in Development Management having completed the thesis “Strengthening the Capacity of the District Education Bureau to implement the Decentralization of Primary Education in Lao PDR”.

  • Mui Phan

    Vietnam - Senior Program and M&E Officer
    Start Date: Dec 2017

    Mui Phan

    Mui has been working for Aide et Action as a Senior Program and M&E Officer since Dec 2017. Before joining Aide et Action, she worked for CARE International in Vietnam for almost 6 years in a variety of roles, which has given her extensive experience in civil society capacity strengthening, public policy advocacy, disaster risk reduction, gender issues, livelihood improvement, and governance.

    Mui graduated with a master’s degree in Public Policy and Management from the  University of Melbourne (Australia) in 2016. She hopes that her experience and knowledge can contribute to creating a better life for disadvantaged people, especially children and women.

  • Kitty NG

    Hong Kong - Fundraising Manager
    Start Date: Apr 2018

    Kitty NG

    Kitty graduated from the University of South Australia with a major in Marketing. She first worked with the Operations and Fundraising Department of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Hong Kong for 8 years and gained solid experience in donor services while there. Before joining Aide et Action, she was working with the Appco Group Asia in Hong Kong as their Operations & Administrative Manager, overseeing the daily operations of all charity campaigns and commercial products. 
    Kitty is an optimistic and cheerful person and says it’s a pleasure to be part of the Aide and Actin team in Hong Kong.  ​
  • Soeun Nhem

    Cambodia - Housekeeper
    Start Date: Apr 2015

    Soeun Nhem

    Soeun has been with AEA Cambodia since April 2015. She makes sure that both our Cambodia office and regional head office in Phnom Penh are spotless and tidy at all times. When she is not cleaning and tidying up, you can find her shopping for essential office supplies or providing tea, coffee and water to visitors.  

  • Inès Provoost

    Regional Program Officer - Institutional Funding & Project Development
    Start Date: Apr 2018

    Inès Provoost

    Inès holds a Master in International Relations: Emerging issues and Crisis management from Sciences Politiques Toulouse (France). Studying and working in several countries, she has specialized in human rights and child protection. Prior to joining the Aide et Action regional team, Inès worked with UNICEF Cambodia’s Child Protection team, mainly on projects related to juvenile justice. Working with the regional team at Aide et Action, Inès supports project development and coordination, as well as institutional funding.

  • ZHANG Meiling

    China - Program Assistant
    Start Date: Mar 2017

    ZHANG Meiling

  • SUN Mai

    China - Country Director
    Start Date: Mar 2016

    SUN Mai

  • LI Li

    China - Program Assistant
    Start Date: Mar 2014

    LI Li

  • GAO Shenghan

    China - Admin Officer & Cashier
    Start Date: Feb 2017

    GAO Shenghan

  • LI Huan

    China - Finance Officer
    Start Date: Feb 2017

    LI Huan

  • Savy LACH

    Regional Director
    Start Date: Feb 2018

    Savy LACH

    Savy leads Aide et Action International in the Southeast Asia and China region, providing overall leadership to ensure the whole team has everything they need to function and deliver results with a high degree of transparency and accountability, across all programs. 

  • Marong Chhoeung

    Cambodia - Program Coordinator
    Start Date: May 2012

    Marong Chhoeung

    Marong has been working with Aide et Action since 2012 as Early Childhood Care & Education Program Officer. Before that, he was working (since 2004) with Mith Samlanh Organization, a program for street children. As a teacher trainer, he provided support and training to all project teachers. He was promoted to Education Project Manager in 2007 which enabled him to manage 3 educational projects and gain experience in education both at the national and subnational level for over 10 years.

    Marong graduated with a Master Degree of Education in 2006. At Aide et Action, he works as a  Programme Coordinator focusing on two program components: street children (with Mith Samlanh, Friends International, Damnok Toek and BSDA) and over-aged children (with PSE).

    His personal tag line is “Together for Education”.

  • Camay Chu

    Hong Kong - Accounting & Administration Officer
    Start Date: Jan 2012

    Camay Chu

    Prior to joining Aide et Action, Camay worked as an accountant for private firms for more than 20 years. She joined Aide et Action Hong Kong as Accounting & Administrative Officer in January 2012.  Apart from managing the finance-related matters, Camay also assists with public fundraising activities, donor support and volunteer relationship management.

  • Chakriya Tep

    Regional Finance & Admin Director
    Start Date: Oct 2005

    Chakriya Tep

    Chakriya joined the Aide et Action regional team in October 2005.  She has 15 years of experience in managing finance and administration in the Southeast Asia region and China. Chakriya is directly responsible for leading and managing a highly motivated and skilled finance team. She has developed and manages strong financial and internal control systems as well as organizational policies and procedures, and oversees the financial management (budgeting, reporting, internal control, grant management) across the region and of specific projects with different donors (EAC, EU, AusAID, UBS OF etc).

    Prior to joining Aide et Action in 2005, she worked as Chief Accountant for a private company for over 3 years. She holds a Master of Finance and she is now studying to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

  • Ekvisoth Khatty

    Cambodia - Program Coordinator
    Start Date: Sep 2014

    Ekvisoth Khatty

    Visoth has 18 years experience in managing Child Rights and Child Protection programs, including programs to combat violence against children and to strengthen the juvenile justice system while working with Save the Children.

    She holds a Master Degree of Private Law.

    At Aide et Action, Visoth manages projects focusing on promoting education for marginalized children, particularly children from poor backgrounds, girls and children from ethnic minorities in Cambodia. She also is Aide et Action’s representative in the Child Rights Coalition Cambodia (CRC-Cambodia) which aims to monitor the implementation of children’s rights in Cambodia.

  • Phalla EM

    Cambodia - ICT Assistant
    Start Date: Oct 2014

    Phalla EM

    Phalla holds an Associate Degree in Web Programming (WEP) from Passerelles numériques Cambodia  and a Master of Science in Information Technology from Asia Euro University, Phnom Penh. 

    She started with Aide et Action in October 2015. Prior to that, she was with Development Innovation (DAI Project).

    Phalla is the main focal point for the implementation of the Khmer Library, Khmer Reader and Khmer Writer (KhmerLearn suite of apps) and assists in developing and implementing our ICT Education project (ICT training, monitoring visits, providing feedback and working with the IT officer for app development). 

    Phalla also provides the occasional communication support to the Cambodian team with website updates, social media, design of communication materials, photo or video shooting and editing, and field visits.


    Laos - Finance, HR & Admin Officer
    Start Date: Mar 2012


    Pouy joined Aide et Action in March 2012 as Finance, HR & Admin Officer in Laos. Prior to that, she worked at Asia Pharmaceutical Import – Export Co Ltd. which imports and exports medicine and medical equipment. 

    Pouy holds a Bachelor of General Business Administration from the Faculty of Economics and Business Management of the National University of Laos (2011).


  • Prasith CHIN

    Regional Sponsorship Officer
    Start Date: Sep 2010

    Prasith CHIN

    Prasith started work with Aide et Action Cambodia as Communication & Sponsorship Officer in September, 2010. Before that, he was the Communication Officer for Krousar Thmey, one of Aide et Action project partners in Cambodia. He is now part of Aide et Action’s regional Southeast Asia & China team where he supports communications and sponsorship across the region.

    Prasith graduated with a Masters in Tourism and Cultural Management from the Saint Joseph University of Beirut (Lebanon) after first completing a Bachelor’s in Geography at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

  • Samith Chuy

    Cambodia - Finance Coordinator
    Start Date: Jun 2009

    Samith Chuy

    Samith joined Aide et Action Cambodia in 2009 in the role of Accountant. He is responsible for all transactions and managing the day-to-day expenses for Aide et Action Cambodia. In 2011 he was promoted to the role of Finance Officer in 2011 expanding his responsibilities in financial reporting, budget preparation and donor reporting for various projects.

    Samith graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting from the National University of Management (NUM) and a Master of Business Administration from Norton University, both in Phnom Penh.

    Before joining Aide et Action Cambodia, Samith was also working as a Finance Officer, and prior to that  he worked with a distribution company in a variety of roles.

  • Samphors Vorn

    Cambodia - Country Director
    Start Date: Jan 2010

    Samphors Vorn

    In 2010, Samphors joined AEA Cambodia with more than 15 years experience in managing development programs.  Since joining, he has established a number of new education projects in Cambodia. During his first 5 years at Aide et Action Cambodia, our education projects have grown from 3 projects in 5 provinces (2010) to 9 in 25 provinces (2014). Samphors has received the Sereiwath Development Medal Award in 2012 and the Golden Medal Award in 2009 from the Royal Government of Cambodia for his contribution to education and disability development in Cambodia. 

    Prior to working with Aide et Action, Samphors worked as a lecturer with various universities in Phnom Penh and in the provinces, and held various management positions with a number of local and international NGOs.

    Samphors graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting and Master of General Management (Cambodia) and completed a Postgraduate in Educational Leadership from ACU National University (Australia).

  • Shirley Yau

    Hong Kong - Head of Development
    Start Date: Apr 2011

    Shirley Yau

    Shirley is the Head of Development with Aide et Action Hong Kong. Before that, she was our ​Partnerships & Communications Manager for many years, representing us with our network of supporters and prospects, and responsible for increasing the awareness level and reinforcement of the Aide et Action brand in Hong Kong.

    Shirley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Hong Kong Baptist University and first engaged with Aide et Action in 2010 as a volunteer. She joined AEA as a member of staff in 20111, serving in a variety of positions including Communications & Events Officer and Liaison Manager. 


  • Sokhom Choeun

    Cambodia - Head of Finance & Administration Department
    Start Date: Jan 2015

    Sokhom Choeun

    Sokhom graduated from Build Bright University (BBU) with a Bachelor of Accounting (2007) and also obtained a Master Degree in General Management (2012) and a Diploma of General English from Pannasastra University of Cambodia. She has also received training by various experts in topics such as effective communication, performance standards, critical thinking, financial stewardship, financial management, USAID financial management and administrative compliance, and general management skills. She has more than 10 years of accounting and finance experience.

    Before Aide et Action, she worked with different international and local NGOs such as ActionAid International Cambodia where she was responsible for working with various NGO partners (reviewing, monitoring and controlling financial reports, activities reports, annual budgets etc). In addition, she worked closely with NGO partners providing technical assistance in areas of logistics, administration, financial management, and the development of financial policies, procedures and internal control systems. She also worked with DAI for USAID Cambodia’s MSME project. She was responsible for auditing, monitoring and controlling financial transactions and financial reporting to Head Quarters. She has experience working with various donors such as NOVIB, OSI, UNDP, EVC, SCN, EU, ECHO and USAID.


  • Tu Nguyen

    Vietnam - Country Director
    Start Date: Sep 2014

    Tu Nguyen

    Prior to joining Aide et Action Vietnam, Tu worked as a National Consultant on Behaviour Change Communication focusing on changing behaviours of men and boys with regards to Gender Based Violence and the Sex Ratio at Birth Imbalance, UNFPA(United Nations Population Fund) in Hanoi. From 2012 to 2014, she worked for the World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) where she took the lead in a campaign against Illegal Wildlife Trade in Vietnam.

    Tu has more than 15 years’ experience in the community development field. At ActionAid, Tu worked as Head of the Child Sponsorship Program for almost 10 years (2001-2010), where she acquired a strong understanding about various social development issues – education, health and economic development of poor and underprivileged communities across Vietnam and beyond. Her responsibilities included programme design, marketing and fundraising, donor relations, partnership development, advocacy and networking. Before that, Tu spent several years serving the UNHCR (United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights) where she assisted the organisation in coordinating with local implementing partners to bring Vietnamese Boat People home and helped them reintegrate into the community through a series of micro-projects. In addition, she has extensive experience in conducting research on poverty-related issues – her main responsibility while she worked for a consulting company from 2010 to 2012.

    Tu holds a Master’s Degree on International Business from Wollongong University, Sydney (Australia).

  • Vida Thong

    Cambodia - Accountant
    Start Date: Mar 2012

    Vida Thong

    Vida has completed a degree in Finance and Banking from Build Bright University. He has been working for Aide et Action since March 2012 as an Administration Assistant. In June 2014, he was promoted to the role of Accounting Assistant and later Accountant. Vida enjoys his work with Aide et Action very much.


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