Advisory Board

  • Seng Hong


    Seng Hong

    Hong was born and bred in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Working as a Deputy Team Leader/Policy Management and Institutional Development Specialist with the Asian Development Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, Cambodia, he has vast experience working with several international NGOs. Hong who has a Master of Science in Regional and Rural Development Planning, has also been the Executive Director for the NGO Education Partnership, Phnom Penh. Besides education and social work policy experience, he is well-versed in areas of risk management and human rights protection. Hong has a strong commitment to social justice. He shares Aide et Action International’s values and is keen to apply his skills and experience with Aide et Action.

  • Narongsak Boonyamalik


    Narongsak Boonyamalik

    Narongsak is a Senior Policy and Planning Officer of the Bureau of Policy and Strategy, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Thailand. He has worked with governments at all levels as well as with many development partners, including the UNESCO Regional Office. Narongsak holds a Ph.D. in Educational Development and hopes to be instrumental in shaping Aide et Action Southeast Asia & China’s partnerships with local stakeholders. In line with his long-term commitment to enhancing the quality of life for people through education, Narongsak aims to provide advice on establishing and sustaining collaborative partnerships using different platforms within the community such that positive reforms can take place.

  • Chi-Yang Tchen


    Chi-Yang Tchen

    Chi-Yang, a French national, has been a volunteer with Aide et Action International in Paris since 2007. He is a mechanical engineer by training and holds an Executive MBA. A business consultant by profession, he brings his expertise in the management of groups and brand building in international settings to the organization. A member of the General Assembly of Aide et Action France, Chi Yang has represented the association in events and conducted talks for school children about education around the world. Chi Yang hopes to bring to his multicultural experience to Aide et Action, and to be a bridge between Aide et Action Southeast Asia & China and  Aide et Action Europe.

  • Huang Yunong


    Huang Yunong

    Yunong Huang, PhD, is a Lecturer at the School of Social and Policy Studies, Flinders University, Australia. He has studied and worked in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. He has in-depth knowledge in the field of social work, emergency management, project evaluation and volunteerism. He has published in many social work and other journals and was an advisor to post-disaster and social work projects in China.  He plans to augment the projects of Aide et Action Southeast Asia & China by leading his expertise in planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects through empirical analyses. Yunong’s focus is on enhancing the quality of projects of Aide et Action Southeast Asia & China thereby creating not just sustainability but also scalability. 


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