1. How can I request further information on sponsorship?

Yes, we would be delighted to send you further information either by post or electronically.

Please click on this link and fill in your details. Or contact by email Mr Vu Doan, Regional Sponsorship Manager.


2. How can I sponsor a project in Southeast Asia & China?

All our sponsorship is handled by a dedicated sponsorship team based in Paris, France and Geneva, Switzerland.

They can be contacted in Paris at:

Tel : +33 (0)1 55 25 70 00

Email: parrainage@aide-et-action.org


or in Geneva at:

Tel +41 22 716 52 10

Email: infosuisse@aide-et-action.org

3. Whom should I contact for any information on sponsorship or to update you with any information from my end?

I have a question about a project I wish to sponsor in Southeast Asia and China – Who do I contact?

Please contact Mr. Vu Doan, Regional Sponsorship Manager

Tel +841 219 811 921

Email vu.doan@aide-et-action.org


4. Can I send gifts to the children of the project school?

Yes, you can but we propose that you send only collective material (for example, some school supplies such as colored pens, felt pens, maps, dictionaries, etc.) which the children can share among themselves.

This is to avoid a feeling of jealousy amongst other children, who do not benefit directly from the project in the community.


5. What happens once I become sponsor of a project?

Thank you for becoming a sponsor! Our sponsorship team in France or Switzerland will send you a welcome package containing:
               • A brief description of the country where the project is located
               • A brief description of the project
               • A sponsorship file with your reference
               • A booklet on sponsorship guidelines


Moreover, you will receive the welcome letter from the country programme where your sponsor project is located. We keep you informed of the activities taking place in the field via sponsorship newsletters sent to you three times per year.

6. How is Aide et Action International audited?

Aide et Action International undertakes annual financial audits (internal and external) of all its programmes by Ernst & Young (E&Y) Cambodia under AEAI’s audit scope (guided by Group Audit instructions from E&Y Paris in accordance with International Auditing Standards).

Aide et Action International in France is a two-time winner of the Crystal Award – presented by the National Society of Statutory Auditors to reward NGOs for the most transparent management of funds.

7. Will my money go directly to the project in the field?

The funds collected through sponsorship will be pooled at the international level to support the organization’s education projects around the world. It may be used to subsidize project implementation, support new project initiative, provide for emergency use in times of natural disasters, and to cover operating expense that ensures the sustainability and growth of the organization. 

You can also learn more about the funds and the financial transparency of AEA by clicking on this page http://seac.aide-et-action.org/financial-transparency/.


8. What will happen to communities that I sponsor if I cannot continue my sponsorship payments?

We understand that financial and personal situations of people change. If you need to cancel or suspend your sponsorship, just let us know and we will ensure that the schools and communities are not neglected.

9. What are the sponsored projects in your region?

As of now, we have 10 sponsored projects. Concretely:

In Cambodia

• Targeted educational strategies for pro-poor community development.
• Recovery and reintegration for abused children and children at high risk.
• Development of libraries to improve the quality of education and literacy.
• Education for all : Reaching the marginalized.
• Education for children with moderate-severe disabilities.


In Laos
• Schooling for Homeless Children in Vientiane                                                                                                                                                                          

• Inclusive and Child-Friendly Pre and Primary School Environments (ICPSE) for Ethnic and Marginalized Children.


In China

•Developing Livelihoods for Vulnerable Women in Rural China


In Vietnam
• Prevention of malnutrition through parenting education.

• Promoting inclusive and relevant early childhood care and education for ethnic minority and disadvantaged children.

10. Due to my financial situation, I stop sponsoring your project. What can I do to help you?

If you cannot continue supporting our project financially, you can support it by being a volunteer on the project. That means, you will continue to receive the sponsorship newsletter (in PDF version) and you can share your experience of the project with your friends and network, country or region.

Click here to find out more about volunteering in your country http://seac.aide-et-action.org/volunteers/

11. I am a sponsor of a project in Cambodia for example. Can I visit other projects in Southeast Asia that I don’t sponsor?

Yes, you can visit other projects of AEAI in Southeast Asia. It will be a highly “educational trip” for you  to discover the implementation of the projects, the active involvement of the local participants, and the approaches that we adopt with different partners. All visitors will be accompanied by at least one member of AeA staff and visitors must not visit project sites, particularly schools, unaccompanied.

Please kindly note that the expenditure related to your travel and accommodation will have to be borne by the donor. Please contact our sponsorship team two months prior to your intended departure, and note national holidays when offices and schools will be closed. Our colleagues in the field will help you to prepare your visit schedule.

At the end of the visit, please send us a testimonial sharing your impression of the reality of the project so we can share them with the other sponsors who will not have the opportunity to visit the projects.

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