Aide et Action acts to promote the access to quality education for all since 1981


Aide et Action International is an international solidarity organization for development which was created in 1981. It is present now in 25 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America Caribbean and Europe through its 90 projects, and contributes to the improvement of access to and the quality of education for over 3 million children adults.

AEAI started working in Southeast Asia in 2003, first in Cambodia and later extending its programmes to Vietnam, Laos, and China through both partnerships and direct implementation with local stakeholders (NGOs, governments, communities).

AEAI believes in the universal right to a quality education and bases each intervention around this ethos.

Important dates in our history:
  • 1981: Pierre-Bernard Le Bas founded Aide et Action in France and launched Child Sponsorship. Our first programs were in India and Kenya. Sponsors form first local groups.
  • 1982:Creation of local regional offices.
  • 1983:1st national day for cultural exchange: organization of a volunteers’ weekend.
  • 1986:1st co-financing from the European Economic Community.
  • 1990:Crystal Prize for Transparency.
  • 1992:Creation of sponsorship option for classes.
  • 1995:Creation of sponsorship option for projects.Crystal Prize for Transparency. Official adherence to Aide et Action principles.
  • 1997:Orientation toward transfer of skills and competencies.Creation of a department to promote volunteerism in France.
  • 1998:1st ETGs Review (stakeholders meeting) and adoption of 15 resolutions.
  • 2002:Aide et Action is recognised as a public service organisation in France.
  • 2004:2nd ETGs Review (stakeholders meeting) and adoption of 12 resolutions.
  • 2006:Acknowledged by the French Education Ministry as an organisation whose activities complement the public school system in France.
  • 2007:Creation of Aide et Action International. Start development of an international governance structure and a global movement for education.
  • 2008:Registered as a charitable institution in Hong Kong.
  • 2010: The first two regional Associations Aide et Action Africa and South Asia are created. Aide et Action South East Asia and Latin America-Caribbean also had its regional association in 2011.


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