Aide et Action en Asie du Sud-Est et Chine

Notre mission est de faire progresser la cause de l’éducation, notamment en Asie du Sud-Est et Chine", pour les populations dont le droit à l’éducation de qualité est bafoué ou mis en péril. En 2015, AEA a soutenu 226,529 personnes dont 91,729 enfants au Cambodge, Chine, Laos et Vietnam.

Focus Areas

AEA in South East Asia and China is currently carrying out 16 projects and focuses on 5 themes: Access and Quality of Education, Early Childhood Care and Education, Livelihood Education, Inclusive Education, and Girls and Women Education. Our objective: overcome the barriers that stand before access to knowledge and learning.
  • Access and Quality of Education

    7 projects in Cambodia and Lao PDR. To ease access to education, and bring a pertinent quality response to the educational needs of each person.

  • Early Childhood Care & Education

    4 projects in Cambodia, China and Vietnam. To promote physical, psychological, social and cognitive development of children aged 0 to 6 with the family and community constituting the basic framework for child development.

  • Girls and Women Education

    3 projects in Cambodia, China and Vietnam. To promote the education of girls and women that can ultimately impact their lives, their leadership, and their socio-economic integration.

  • Inclusive Education

    2 projects in Cambodia and Vietnam. To enable the social integration of children with little or no access to quality education because of their socio-economic conditions or disability.

  • Livelihood Education

    2 projects in China and Cambodia. To enable young adults to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to live a life of dignity and to take part in their country’s economic development.

Current Projects
Past Projects

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